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About Me

I started photographing boudoir early in 2013, really with just a hope & a dream. I spent a long time believing that it was in others where I found my confidence, my love for myself, and my worth. How wrong I was.  Truthfully, this boudoir business saved my life. After going through some huge life changes (which you can read about on my blog here), I began to realize that a woman only needs herself to feel beautiful.

 I realized that so many things happen in our lives that deflate our confidence and obscure how we see ourselves. As women we are so much more powerful than we realize, and I believe a boudoir session gives you that power back. After photographing hundreds of women, I know this to be true. 

I am a heart person, I want to meet you at your heart, and get to know your story. I've always been that way, and it's lead me down some incredible roads, and helped me to meet so many beautiful souls. I want to dig deeper than just getting to know you on the surface. Every woman that comes to me has a story, has a reason why she's here for a session, and I love knowing that deeper why, the thing that drives you, that motivates you, that inspires you. 

I love every single minute of what I do, and I am grateful for every single woman I meet, and every single story I hear. I invite you to share yours with me...

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